Dc fan

Dc fan

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This is a cool science project. We can relax with cool air from fan running out of a dc battery.

Step 1: Materials required

Dc fan

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1. A Dc motor

2. A propellor

3. A 9 Volt dc battery

4. A Switch

5. Soldering equipments

Step 2: Procedure:

Dc fan
Dc fan
Dc fan

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1. Solder two wires to the dc motor.

2. Connect propellor to the motor.

3. Connect battery cap to the battery.

4.Connect the wires of motor , battery , switch as shown in the below circuit.

5.Then on the switch and enjoy.

Step 3: Conclusion

Battery is a current source. When we connect the terminals of the battery to switch then to motor, the electrons from the battery will flow through wires and switch then in the motor , due to electromagnetic induction , the rotor rotates. When we attach a propellor, it helps in moving the air molecules.

By P.Rishik patel

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